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EPE foam sheet, pieces, reel

Suvi TM Liners(Co-extruded EPE) Capseals / Ring :

Suvi International (P) Ltd. is a registered brand of Suvi International (P) Ltd. for closed cell foam produced by Co- extrusion process.

Mechanical properties of EPE foam can be adjusted to suit various applications due to wide range of density options to suit requirements of high degree of compressibility, torque retentions and resistant to distortion.

Plain EPE itself has good barrier property and hence meets wide range of applications.




Suvi International 250/300

Liquor, distilleries, household, food and general purpose

Higher degree of compressibility, cost effective

Suvi International 350

Pharmaceutical, liquor, cosmetics

Improved torque retention

Suvi International 400


Improved torque retention

Suvi International 500


Very resistant to distortion.
Ant resistant.
Flavor retention.


Detailed technical data sheet of each product can be provided on request.
Number suggests density.

  EPE Capseal / Ring / Sheet

Description :


Solid PE


Processing Method :


Physically foamed co-extruded PE foam.


Advantages :


Advanced co-extrusion technique provides unique feature to Suvi by ensuring permanent bonding of solid PE layer to closed cell

  EPE foam sheet, pieces, reel


    0.8 to 2.50mm (+ / - 10%)


    250, 300, 350, 400, 500 kgs/m3 (+/- 7%)

Shore Hardness

    55/57, 59/61, 63/65, 68/70, 80/83

Sheet Width

    up to 800 mm


    White or Customized


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